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Win of these 4 free outstanding specimens for your collection!!!   

Like before, our esteemed customers will qualify for a draw pf four beautiful shells. All you have to do to participate automatically is place an order of shells of a total of no less than 100 euros with Atoll Specimen Shells. Here are the prizes you may win:


Cypraea eglatina niger/rostrated (Duclos, 1833), New Caledonia, GEM, 59 mm

Conus pergrandis (Iredale, 1937), Philippines, F++, 88 mm

Purpurellus gambiensis (Reeve, 1845), Senegal, F++, 73 mm

Nodipecten arthriticus (Reeve, 1853), Ecuador, F++, 90x94 mm


Remember: to enter this draw, your order must be received no later than the 15th January, 2021 (12:00 a.m. London Time). As always, the names of the lucky winners will be announced here after the 30th January, 2021.

You can win one of these 4 wonderful specimens!!!  All customers placing an order of shells through the Atoll Specimen Shells website, totaling at least 100 euros, during the first month of business will automatically enter a draw for these four beautiful shells:


Cypraea guttata surinensis (Raybaudi, 1978), Burma, GEM, 47 mm

Cymbium marmoratum (Link, 1807), Senegal, F++, 140 mm

Conus aureus aureus (Hwass, 1792), Philippines, F++, 51 mm

Harpa cabriti (Lamarck, 1816), Madagascar, F++, 87 mm


Please notice that in order to qualify, your purchase must be made no later than the 15th November, 2020 (12:00 a.m. London Time).


Then, on the 30th November, 2020, the names of the lucky winners in this draw will be announced here.

one of these 4 beauties could be yours...!!!  

Four beautiful shells available in a draw amongst all customers who place an order of shells totaling at least 100 euros to Atoll Specimen Shells.


Cypraea marginata consueta (Biraghi, 1993), Australia, GEM, 63 mm

Conus nobilis victor (Broderip, 1842), Indonesia, F++, 37 mm

Chicoreus palmarosae (Lamarck, 1822), Mozambique, F++, 118 mm

Cymbiola chrysostoma (Swainson, 1824), Timor Lorosae, F++, 40 mm


To qualify for this draw, your purchase must be made no later than the 5th August, 2020 (12:00 a.m. London Time).


The names of the lucky winners in this draw will be disclosed here after the 10th August, 2020.

and the lucky winners are...

Cypraea marginata consueta   -   Jean-Paul Van Bellinghen (Belgium)

Conus nobilis victor   -   Owens Lin (Taiwan)

Chicoreus palmarosae   -   waiting for winner confirmation

Cymbiola chrysostoma   -   Alberto Koch (Portugal)

... congratulations !!!


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