Exclusive offers... 

one of these 6 beauties could be yours...!!! 


Six beautiful shells available in a draw amongst all customers who place an order of shells totaling at least 100 euros to Atoll Specimen Shells, during the first month of business through the new website.


Cymbiola cathcartiae (Reeve, 1856), Philippines, F++, 109 mm

Swiftopecten swiftii (Bernardi, 1858), South Korea, F++, 91x78 mm

Achatina bicarinata (Bruguière, 1792), São Tomé Island, F+/F++, 114 mm

Conus pennaceus bazarutensis (Fernandes & Monteiro, 1988), Mozambique, F++, 53 mm

Bufonaria foliata (Broderip, 1825), Mozambique, F++, 78 mm

Cypraea eglantina (Duclos, 1833), New Caledonia, GEM, 45 mm


To qualify for this draw, your purchase must be made no later than the 7th September, 2019 (12:00 a.m. London Time).


The names of the lucky winners in this draw will be disclosed here on the 10th September, 2019.

Past promotions... 

A beautiful Conus milneedwardsii for one of our customers!!!  

Be the lucky winner of a wonderful Conus milneedwardsi (Jousseaume, 1894) (illustrated specimen). This specimen is from Mozambique and measures 128 mm, top quality. The only thing you need do is to make a purchase of no less than 100 euros through the recently revamped website of Atoll Specimen Shells. But remember: to enter the draw, your purchase must be made no later than the 25th July, 2019 (12:00 a.m. London Time).  

If you win, this amazing Conus milneedwardsi will be going your way entirely free. We will even offer you the postage costs for it to arrive safely at your address, which mean that you will get this fantastic shell without having to pay anything at all.  

The name of the lucky winner (and it could easily be you) of this prize will be disclosed on the 30th July, 2019.   

Good luck!

New chance to get a shell gift!  All customers, without exception, who order shells worth at least 100 euros through the website of Atoll Specimen Shells, will be entitled to a lot of shells similar to the one in the photograph on the left. This lot comprises the following:


Cypraea ocellata (Linné, 1758), India, F++/GEM, 22 mm up

Aequipecten flabellum (Gmelin, 1791), Senegal, F++, 35 mm up

Persicula cingulata (Dillwyn, 1817), Senegal, F++/GEM, 14 mm up

Helicostyla annulata (Sowerby, 1841), Philippines, F++, 20 mm up


But please note that this offer ends on the 25th July, 2019 (12:00 a.m. London Time).

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